Casualty/Liability Division

The Casualty/Liability Division provides survey and adjusting services comprising of Construction All Risks and Erection All Risks, Boiler/Machinery, Credit Insurance, Fidelity Guarantee, Employer Liability Insurance, Banker Blanket Bond, Performance Bond, etc…

Bridge Floor Washing Away by Flood Wate  Bridge Construction 
Retaining Wall Collapse Due to Heavy Rain Fall
                                                    NAN SAN – FIRE DIVISION
With our engineers as well as legal expertise, we have involved in various engineering and liability claims. For your reference, following are some major losses of which had been settled by us in recent years.


•  Loss due to infidelity of employee at the Taian Small & Medium Business Bank in April 1999.
•  Earthquake loss to the residential housing and shopping complex construction of which was undertaken by BES Engineering Corporation in September 1999.
•   Flooding damage to the construction site of the Residence of the National Kaohsiung University during the passage of Typhoon ‘Nari' from September 16 ~ 18, 2001.