Nan San Surveyors & Adjusters Co., Ltd. ‘Nan San' was established in the year of 1974 in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.

At t he beginning, the Company mainly engaged in the business of import/bulk cargo survey upon Consignee's appointment. In order to achieve a higher growth in business, offices were set up across the Taiwan Island, such as Keelung Harbour; Taichung Harbour; as well as the Metropolitan Taipei in between the year of 1975 to 1977 in the attempt to expand the survey businesses at the two said harbours and provide a more prompt and satisfactory service to insurance companies, especially regarding marine or in-land transit insurance.

In the years 1978 to 1982, our Taipei office was expanded into Taipei Branch and Mr. Angus T.H. Wu-Lin was appointed as the Manager. In order to improve our service quality, Mr. Wu-Lin invited specialists of machinery, civil engineering, architecture, chemical, law, finance, accounting, etc… to join the Company. Besides, divisions of fire loss survey as well as other insurance related losses were also being set up.

In between the year of 1983 to 1987, due to the development of various insurance products, the Casualty Department was being set up in order to meet the demand of Contractor/Erection All Risks claim; Public Liability claim; Electronics Equipment/Boiler claim; Constructional Machines/Tools claim; Commercial Property Floater Insurance; Etc…

As business continued growing, it was not economically feasible for our surveyors/adjusters to travel from the North to the South to conduct a business, therefore, we established the Fire and Casualty Departments at our Kaohsiung Office in order to provide a more direct, efficient, convenient service to the insurance companies branched at the Southern part of Taiwan, such Kaohsiung; Tainan; Pingtung; Taitung; Chia-I; Chang Hwa, etc...

In 1987, owing to the continuous growth of our business, the increase in numbers of our assistant surveyors and more frequent and closer connection with the insurance companies, the Taipei Office was thus reformed as the Head Office and Mr. Angus T.H. Wu-Lin was appointed to be the President of Nan San Surveyors & Adjusters Co., Ltd.

Due to the increase of our staffs and the business capacity, the Marine Survey Department of Nan San has been registered as Worldwide Marine Survey Co., Ltd. ‘Worldwide' since May 1997. The Worldwide is also led by Mr. Angus T.H. Wu-Lin (the President), and Mr. Sung-Shan Shih (Licensed Marine Surveyor). The Marine team consists of six Surveyors, three in Taipei Head Office, one in Taichung Office, and two in Kaohsiung Office. We believe this independent company can deliver high quality service as well as to enhance our service volume.

After more than 30 years of struggle and under the trust as well as the support of our customers, our professional staffs have grown more than triple from six at the beginning, excluding technical consultants and temporary employees. With our professional team, we are capable to deliver reliable and accurate services to our customers, such as Insurers and business organizations. Over the years, we have earned a good reputation from various insurance companies.

We understand that the quality of loss adjustment is the most concerns of Insurance Companies. By addressing this issue, we have been accredited with ISO-9002 by the Dutch Council for Accreditation since January 2000.

In order to ensure our high quality of services, we are reassessed by the British Standard Institute (BSI) in every single year without any mistakes.